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B.P.O. Take One

The day was beautiful, My loves and extended family enjoyed a picnic, The music was awesome as usual, and the perks of being a roadie for B.P.O...........................................Priceless.

I love my Job  ;^)

Loves, Llahma's and CopperMoon

 First,  I want to thank my life partner vismaya_viewer for loving me the way she does and making sure all my needs are met.

Second, Thank you to my brother I never had, stinkys_nunzio   for sharing a wonderful weekend with us and turning me on to a new found hobby.

Third, CopperMoon.....What can one say about three of the grooviest and most wonderful people I know. Thank you so much for providing such a fabulous space for us to get away to, put all of the city life behind for awhile and get to the point that I never want to leave. lightfoote ,wildwoosi and mlerules we here at the VBC love you three more than you will ever know. Again thank you for all that you are.

Big Hugs and Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday to the forever beautiful siouxiequeue 

Party Hats and Noise Makers Are In Order

Happy Birthday Beautifulsolcita 

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Happy Birthday good friend lightfoote 

Much needed sleep

Fabulous relaxing evening with my goddessvismaya_viewer snuggling and connecting, lots of yummy sleep
a morning filled with hot coffee in bed and awesome temple time. Today brings more yumminess with brother (LJ-Free J) on his way over to spend a day with us and intendid family.

Date Night

A Gallon of Gas at Arco $2.01

An Indian dinner for two at our favorite restaurant  $35.00

Date night with my beautiful wife . . . priceless

Life is complete.

Life's Journey

The hills are steep and the valley's deep and behind each big rock passed holds fear at what might behind it. But it is a road well worth traveling.

Breakfast with Three Dog Night

One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my good friend lunarhawke  I hope you have many more.